Mar 5, 2011

Saturday School

Today was a bit different since it was a Saturday and we were at school. Due to our snow days we decided to go on Good Friday and also today, plus the first week of June. 

Today we worked on our new spelling words (set #5), read and AR tested on books, did some pages in our handwriting book, and learned a new reading/picture game. The kiddos are always excited to learn and play a new game. They have been doing really good with reading and I felt that they were ready to play! They grouped up with a partner and separated their cards, pictures on one side and words on the other. Then they matched the word to the correct picture. They did AWESOME! Not to mention that they loved it. There is a lot of cards and I had them in smaller groups so that it would be easier to manage. Kiddos worked on the game for 30 minutes! 

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