Nov 9, 2010

Some Catching Up!

This past week I was out sick a few days so I feel like I have a bunch of catching up to do! Here is a bit about what has been going on with us in KinderLand:

We finished our big unit on Arkansas History. We were having a coloring contest for each page we did to make a display out in our hallway! The winners of the contest were able to hang their picture on the wall. Here is our finished work! The kiddos are very proud!

We recently began learning about maps and globes. How to read them and locate different places. We decided to make a map of our bedrooms. Here is a couple that were chosen to go on the "Good Work Wall." 

Also, this week we began our Thanksgiving Program practice where we tell the story of Thanksgiving. The children dress up as either an Indian or a Pilgrim. We are working very hard and cannot wait to perform for our school and our parents! 

Veteran's Day is on Thursday, November 11th. This is a day we honor all our Veterans. This is a special day for me as well as many others. My soon to be hubby, Keith, is a soldier in the Army National Guard and has served two tours in Iraq. He will be coming to class (in uniform) to read to the kiddos on Thursday! I am so proud and thankful for him and all the other soldiers who have fought and are fighting for our freedom!!!

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