Jul 16, 2010

Kindergarten Supplies

I love shopping, and more than that I love shopping for classroom supplies! Yesterday was a blast for me! I spent 3 hours in the Learning Oasis! Here are some of the things I bought . . . 3 very large floor puzzles; an Alphabet Train, Safari, and Bugs AND they were buy 2 get 1 free! Woo Hoo! Some new posters: Birthdays, Class Rules, Opposites, 5 Senses, AR Map, USA Map, Geometric Shapes, Community Helpers, and How We Go Home. Magnet Set, Telling Time flash cards, play set of Geometric Shapes, an Inflatable Globe for kiddos, big bulletin board set for the Rainforest (I do a big unit where I decorate even with vines), Wikki Stix sets, and a couple teacher books with some great printables. I always feel like I need new centers so I got some new things especially just for that: Addition/Subtraction Mats that have a problem and you put the answer on top, Big Box of Sight Words which is kind of like a puzzle because there is a picture and the sight word that matches connects to it, Matching Game that has 6 different games: Rhyming, Where is my Mother, How I Feel, Colorful Toy Box, Shapes in our World, and People in Our Community. I also got a Positions Game that is a matching game with positional words: above, below, beside, under, etc. On top of the fun things I still needed to get regular supplies such as name tags, bookmarks, monkey & banana cutouts, desk name tags, and postcards that say Welcome to Kindergarten. I mail the postcards to the students a week before school starts and it tells them the date for Open House and 1st Day of School. Overall I had a great trip! Here is a pic that shows mostly everything I believe!

Also, just in case I haven't said it before or you haven't yet figured it out, I love Monkeys and my class theme is Monkey Around With Miss Austin's class! This is a picture of a cute stuffed animal I got at the St. Louis Zoo!

Oh Yeah! I mentioned that I have a huge unit of the Rainforest so I thought I'd share a picture of this previous year! The students are actually dressed for our Beach Party we were having!

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