Aug 29, 2011


We have been working on the number two! Writing a 2 is hard work and they have done a fantastic job! I think we are ready for number 3!

Aug 24, 2011

Who's Wore Out?

We Are! After a full day of learning, the kiddos are just wiped out!

Aug 18, 2011

#0 and Writing our Name

We had a great 2nd day of school! We are still reviewing the rules and procedures of kindergarten. I'm impressed at how well they are picking it all up!! :-) Today we practiced writing our name and we are learning about the number 0.

 They loved their name page because they get to use markers and a "magic" eraser! Hehe! The key is just having laminated paper! Students think they are playing again while really learning how to write their names! 

Aug 16, 2011

Classroom's Ready, Bring on the Kiddos!

Tomorrow is our 1st Day of School! Excitement is in the air for all the teachers, students, and parents! We are ready! 

Helper Tree

Carpet Time

Behavior Chart

Activity Schedule (wear tennis shoes on Wednesday)

Favorite Monkey, Boo Boo!

Growth Chart

All we need now are the students! See you in the morning!!!