Oct 30, 2010

My Future is Bright!

Red Ribbon Week Day 4: My Future is Bright. We wore our sunglasses today and the kids thought it was great! We even wore them to lunch! :-) 


Day 5 of Red Ribbon Week was Walk Away From Drugs. We all had on tennis shoes and hats, however; I forgot to take a picture. We were all very busy with our Drug Free activities and also we were finishing up our unit on Arkansas History! I will post pics soon of our finished wall project for everything we learned about Arkansas! 

Oct 27, 2010

We Choose To Be Drug Free!

Red Ribbon Week: Day 3! Today we wore red! We also had a special visitor from Officer Arnold and his drug dog Buddy. The kids loved watching Buddy find the drugs on the stage that Officer Arnold had set up. Buddy did great!

Oct 26, 2010

Back Away From Drugs!

It was Day 2 of Red Ribbon Week. Today was Back Away From Drugs and we wore our clothes backwards! The kids looked great! :-) 

Oct 25, 2010

Be A HERO Everyday . . . Be Drug Free!

It's Red Ribbon Week! We are choosing to be drug free! Everyday this week we are dressing up in a way to show we are drug free! Today we wore camouflage to show we are HERO'S!

Oct 24, 2010

AR History Wall

We have been learning all about Arkansas History. For each new thing we learn, we have a color page. The students were excited to hear that they would be having a coloring contest for each page. The winner of the contest gets to put their picture on the wall outside of our room for everyone to see! Here is our progress so far. We will be working on it this next week also! 

Oct 23, 2010

Group Work

I wanted to start teaching the students how to do group work. They are so used to not looking at each other's papers or talking while working that this can be a hard task for them to do. I decided to use a Hidden Pictures page from Highlights. Each student had one but they got to do it as a group. They did a fantastic job! Everyone was helping each other and working together. When the first group finished they wanted to go to the other groups and help them too! I was impressed at how well they did! 

Oct 22, 2010

Awards Assembly

Today was our 1st 9 Weeks Awards Assembly. I am very proud of my students and all that they have accomplished! I have an outstanding group of kiddos! 

Highest % in Language Arts and Math. For Math there was a tie!

Perfect Attendance

Pulled ZERO smileys this 9 Weeks

Pulled 5 or Less smileys this 9 Weeks

All A Honor Roll

A/B Honor Roll

Happy Harvest

We had a Happy Harvest food day today. We had a BIG variety of food for us to snack on! I would like to thank all of the parents for supplying us with such yummy goodies! We had grapes, strawberries, carrots/ranch, cheese/meat/cracker tray, minute maid juice, and much, much MORE! 

Oct 21, 2010

Pajama Party

Today was our Class Pajama Party! The kiddos were so excited and they had a great day! I took a few pictures and decided to make a slideshow!   :-) Enjoy!

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Oct 18, 2010

Arkansas History

Every year our Elementary Building does a school-wide unit on Arkansas History. This is one of my favorite units to teach. The kiddos really love learning all the facts about their state! Today we learned how to find Arkansas on a map, our state capitol is Little Rock, and that Arkansas got it's name from the Quapaw Indians. During this unit we do a lot of color pages about what we are learning so to make it different and fun we are having a coloring contest for each page. The winner has his/her paper put on display in our hallway! We had 2 winners today! Here are some pictures of the kiddos working hard on their paper! 

Oct 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Today was Brooklyn's 6th Birthday! She was very excited about getting to wear her Happy Birthday hat and stickers. She also got a card and pencil! Her Mom came to eat lunch with her and her Grandma sent her balloons and candy! She is such a sweetie, she gave everyone in class a piece of her birthday candy! :-) 

We had some play-doh work time today. We made the letters Ll, Ii, and Tt. We have been working on these letters in our Handwriting Book. These letters have the basic types of lines: Vertical and Horizontal. 

After we finished these letters I challenged them to use the play-doh to write their name. We had a few letters that caused a bit of thinking but I think they did a GREAT JOB! 

Oct 8, 2010


Today was Homecoming! Some students wore orange and black to support our Warriors! Go Lamar! For Homecoming we always have a parade! The kids were so excited all day for the parade and all the candy! They enjoyed the police cars, fire trucks with the cheerleaders, the band, and all the other floats! It was a great day!

The kiddos got a TON of candy from the parade! Sorry parents! :-)

Oct 5, 2010

Fire Prevention Week

This week is Fire Prevention Week at school. Today we had some special visitors come to our school and they brought some really cool FIRE TRUCKS! The kiddos were thrilled at the opportunity to look at the equipment in the trucks! One of the firefighters dressed in full gear to show them too!