Jun 28, 2010

Some New Websites

I'm adding some new websites to my online resources page!

Kids Front: http://kidsfront.com/
On this site your children can color, draw, listen to stories, work with rhymes, words and sentences, math, and activities/puzzles.

Gamequarium: http://gamequarium.org/
This site has games and activites for Kindergarten - 6th grade.

Kindersite: http://www.kindersite.org/directory/directoryframe.htm
This site is geared towards Kindergarten and includes games, music and songs, stories, and lullabies.

Kindergarten Reading: http://mrswilkieswebsites.wikispaces.com/Kdg+Reading+Websites
This site has MANY different sites to go to for Reading Programs on a Kindergarten level. It includes many resources for your child to work on his/her alphabet and letters & sounds.

Jun 25, 2010

My newest project for summer is Glogster! I am going to make a glog for each letter of the alphabet. A glog is like a poster, but online. There are so many options and I am loving it! I have just created my 1st one for the letter Aa. My students are going to love seeing these amazing glogs on the SMARTboard! They are so much better than anything I could create by hand! Now I don't have to be artsy because Glogster will do it for me! :-) Awesome! Here is a link to the glog I just made. I'm sure I will probably get better as I go and learn more about it! http://missjaustin.edu.glogster.com/letter-aa/

Jun 24, 2010

I decided to create a page on my blog designed specifically for online resources. These include some of my favorites: Starfall, ABCya, and Game Classroom. Most of these specific links are geared towards Kindergarten, however; I know that Game Classroom has K-6 activites. As I find new sites I will continue to add them to that page. The page link is at the top under KinderLand or you can click here! http://kinderlandofles.blogspot.com/p/online-resources.html

Keep checking back for more!

Jun 23, 2010


My name is Jessica Austin. I am a Kindergarten Teacher. I am currently beginning my 4th year of teaching. I have a new-found love for technology! Through twitter, wikis, and now blogging I am trying to integrate technology into my kindergarten curriculum!